Jessica Wood

I have been at NLC since the fall of 2015 and I love it there. It is a clean facility with high-end equipment and wonderful people. I have medical challenges that makes it difficult for me to do certain types of exercises and because of this I have really enjoyed knowing that the people at NLC know what they are doing, and have a good working knowledge of the body/how various factors impact training. It gives me a sense of security knowing that I will be cared for /looked after while I work out.

Workout programs

The programs that Al has created for me have been interesting, fun and appropriate to where I am physically. After being off of all exercise for a few months at a time, I am finally able to feel well while I work out and have less pain overall. I appreciate the approach Al (and the rest of the NLC team) takes to working with clients- by examining a variety of factors (e.g., diet, hormones) that impact health and helping people to achieve fitness/health goals within their current capabilities- in a respectful and professional way. The space is smaller than the big box gyms, but it is always in pristine condition and the equipment is fantastic.

NLC-Fitness-Centre-Guelph-Workout-17 Safely achieving a variety of fitness goals

Most comfortable environment

It also has a great community feel to it that can be difficult (or impossible) to achieve with larger venues. Everyone I have met has been kind, respectful and professional. I have been to a variety of fitness facilities over the years and this one has the best/most comfortable environment that I have found. I would highly recommend NLC to anyone who wants to safely achieve a variety of fitness goals, with the security of knowing that they have a knowledgable team available for help and guidance.