We inspire success! Results Guaranteed! Here is testimonial from a client who attained one of her goals in only 5 months! She went from 197 lbs to 167 lbs. Great job, Valerie! All your hard work and dedication is paying off. We are very proud of you and your accomplishment.

Valerie Meyer

"I started to see Al Mursalin at NLC Fitness and Training in December 2014. I had 3 issues I wanted to deal with. First and most importantly, I wanted to start sleeping regularly through the night. For 3 years, at least 5 nights out of 7, I was awake between 2am and 5am. Second, I wanted to lose some weight and third I wanted to improve my posture. At our first session, I was pretty skeptical, but I really didn’t want to resort to sleeping pills. So I tried to keep an open mind. He asked me questions about the things that were causing me stress in my life and then waited a while; I mentally let them go. Then he suggested some vitamin and protein supplements to take. I started sleeping through the night within 1 or 2 days of my first visit! In the last 7 months, I’ve had maybe 10 bad nights and can usually trace those to a particularly stressful day.

NLC-Fitness-Centre-Testimonials-Valerie-before The amazing part to me is that it was so easy
NLC-Fitness-Centre-Testimonials-Valerie-after The amazing part to me is that it was so easy

I’m so grateful to get my sleep back! In January, I started focusing on the weight. I’ve lost 30 pounds and am now at my goal weight. The amazing part to me is that it was so easy. I think that the work we’ve done to bring my body back into some sort of hormonal balance made it easy not to sabotage myself. Recently, we’ve started working on getting better posture which means hitting the gym 4 days a week. Al sets up the program, which changes regularly so I don’t get bored. Again, I’ve found it very easy to perform the exercises and there’s been a noticeable improvement in my muscle tone and body shape. Can’t wait to see where we will ultimately get to!"