"I was initially introduced to the Structural Balance Concept at a conference in Rhode Island with Charles Polliquin, one of the top Strength Coaches in the world. Having assessed hundreds of clients ranging from athletes to the general population, I have noticed a common denominator. Invariably there is some sort of muscular structural imbalance." (Mursalin, 2012)

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There are many reasons for these imbalances. For example, research indicates that if an individual trains 4-5x per week while continuing to use the same exercise program (cardio or resistance training), his/her body will adapt to that program within 4 weeks. Imbalances can also occur if trainers create programs without doing a proper structural balance assessment to determine suitable exercises to correct the muscle imbalances. In addition, the pairing of exercises is extremely important to prevent injuries and to avoid overtraining.

Mind, Body & Spirit

As well there are several health aspects to consider that can also impact structural balance. Stress, poor eating habits, lack of exercise and/or lack of nurturing by loved ones, can ultimately contribute to the breakdown of the body physically.  The concept of the Mind, Body, and Spirit refers to living a balanced life style. Unfortunately, the body is the most common one to ignore when stressed or pressed for time. People choose to read, use the computer, attend a yoga class or meditate; but, ultimately as is often the case, they simple refuse to commit to a strength training program.

"We assess each client and customize the program to address the individual’s weaknesses."

Improve strength qualities

When considering Structural Balance, creating an effective resistance training program is one of the most important skills every personal trainer must possess. This might include or be in addition to programs designed to improve various strength qualities such as speed strength, maximum strength, and strength endurance to name a few.

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Structural Balance - focused on your individual needs!

Whether the goal is Structural Balance, sport or for a client that hit a plateau with their current training program, at NLC Fitness Centre we assess each client and customize the program to address the individual’s weaknesses.

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