Our holistic practitioner will assess foods through muscle testing currently in your diet or foods that you might want to introduce into your diet.

Beneficial Foods, Neutral Foods, Foods That Cause Sensitivities

Our practitioner will work with you to determine, through muscle testing, if the foods you currently have in your diet, are beneficial, neutral or causing sensitivity. Similarly, foods you might choose to introduce can also be assessed to determine which of the three categories apply to that food.

Outcomes of assessed foods can be as followed:

  • Beneficial
  • Neutral ( will neither harm the individual nor will it be of benefit)
  • Sensitivity (possibly contributing to imbalances and/ or inflammation)
  • Confidence in knowing that the foods in your diet are the right ones
What-Influences-Your-Food-Choices Food Sensitivity Assessment
NLC-Fitness-Centre-Product-testing-1 Food Sensitivity Assessment

A Food Sensitivity Assessment is a great way to eliminate the trial and error approach and to ensure the intake of foods that are either neutral or beneficial. Consequently, every individual can be confident that their choices of foods have been selected to meet their individual needs.