Group training categories

With personal training, there are three categories clients have to choose from:

  • Group training ( 4 or more participants)
  • Semi personal training (2 participants)
  • One on one personal training

What is group training?

With this type of training, a personal trainer conducts a training session with four or more clients at the same time usually for one hour per session unless otherwise specified. It is a great way to create your own training group with friends, family or teammates.

NLC-Group-Class-Flyer-Back Group Training

Some of the benefits of group training include:

  • Commitment and dedication to the group
  • Customized to meet the schedule, budget & training needs of the group
  • Motivation from / for others
  • Great price point
  • An opportunity for people with a similar interest to form  group
  • Fun way to be active and meet goals
Group-Class-Flyer-revised-Final_Page_2 Group Training

Movement & Fun

There are, however, a few limitations to group training. In a group session, individuals do not have the full attention of the trainer nor will results be as quickly attained as would be possible with 1 on 1 personal training session. However, ultimately the “fun” aspect of group training and the motivation it brings can be a valuable trade off.

Movement and Fun – The Perfect Combination!