Highlights of Fascial Abraision Technique

  • The Fascial Abraision technique is used to mobilize fascia, using the “Fat-Tool” to target and loosen fascia without damaging or bruising tissue
  • Is now understood to play a vital role in movement
  • Tight fascia can lead to impaired range and control of motion
  • Tight fascia can impair athletic performance and is often a precursor to injuries
NLC-Fitness-Centre-Fascial-Abbraision-2 Fascial Abraision Technique (flexibility)
NLC-Fitness-Centre-Fascial-Abbraision-1 Fascial Abraision Technique (flexibility)

About the assessment

  • The Fascial Abrasion practitioner will locate areas of restriction in the myofascial complex by putting the area that has been assessed in a stretch position in order to locate the restriction.
  • The practitioner will use the “Fat-Tool” with either a soothing or warming cream in the designated area of the body to improve circulation and tissue mobility.
  • Next, the practitioner will use a contour tool in a rubbing manner to loosen the tissue in order to gain full range of motion.

Purpose of the assessment

  • To assess and identify areas of myofascial tension that is impairing normal motion (and/or motor control).
  • To identify fascia lines of tension and not specific muscles.
  • The client does the movement actively.
  • At the end of the active movement the practitioner will apply over-pressure to determine if decreased range is due to increase tissue tension.
Fascial-abbraission-technique Fascial Abraision Technique (flexibility)