At NLC we provide a variety of fitness assessments, fitness programs and fitness equipment.

We believe it’s important to test an athlete’s fitness to help you determine if their training program is working and to know what goals to set next! Testing before the start of a program and at regular intervals allows for measurement of improvements.

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General program design

Personal training can benefit everybody

From the individual who is considering fitness for the first time to the elite athlete looking to enhance performance. Everyone can benefit from personal training! Each of us is unique; we all have different goals, ambitions and desires. A Personal Fitness Trainer can help you attain your aspirations.

See below the training options we offer:

Personal training

Group training

Children's fitness

A type of training fitted to your needs

Based on the outcome of your fitness assessment, our specialists will personalize your health & fitness plan! We offer several programs that can meet your personal goals. It is either focused on structural balance, hormonal balance (BioSignature) and/ or fascial abbraision.

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Structural balance program

BioSignature program

Fascial abbrasion technique