Peter De Silva
Managerial consultant, CFPT & Strength Coach

NLC-Fitness-Centre-Peter-180x180 Peter De Silva

Peter’s passion for fitness and resistance training began at an early age.  Being one of the smallest kids in his classes, he was teased and bullied.   Peter received his first set of dumbbells at the age of 10. Peter quickly realized weight training was a great way to gain strength, boost his self-confidence and to challenge himself. When Peter entered middle school he began running track and wrestling. With the support of great coaches, he excelled at both sports and consequently came to understand the importance of sport specific training.  


In late 2014 Peter became certified as a personal trainer. He then completed a strength coach mentorship program under Elite Trainer and Strength Coach, Al Mursalin thus turning his passion into a career.   Peter continues to learn under the guidance of Coach Mursalin and to educate himself in all areas of the fitness industry.

Peter has had the opportunity to build rapport and work with many different types of clients ranging in age from 14 to 56 years. Whether the client is new to fitness or is an athlete, Peter’s main focus is obtaining results for his clients.

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As a fitness Professional, his number one objective is to make a difference is his clients’ lives, whatever their goal may be.  That is why Peter has chosen NLC Fitness and Training as his home and family.  He strongly believes in the NLC team and their philosophy of training.  Not only is Peter a team member, he is also a client.  Both his knowledge and professionalism  are assets in helping clients to achieve and surpass their goals.  Peter has had great success in his 2 years as a trainer and strength coach and plans to have much more at NLC.

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