Al Mursalin
Co-owner NLC, Holistic Specialist & Elite Trainer

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My name is Al Mursalin and I am the proud owner of N.L.C. Fitness and Training Centre.
Opening N.L.C. Fitness and Training Centre gave me the opportunity to combine fitness and health under one umbrella. I realized this perfect combination would allow people to accomplish their fitness goals and balance their health at the same time.
In 2014, I began my plan with a belief that every time an individual entered the facility, he or she would experience the unique combination of laughter, friendliness, great staff, cleanliness, amazing safe equipment together with hard work and positive energy!

After completion of my schooling, I travelled around the world seeking top mentors in the fitness and health field to learn from the best! My journey took me all over the United States and
Europe where I met and worked with some of the best Strength Coaches and Health Practitioners. We were there for one reason, to be the best!

Before I created N.L.C. Fitness and Training Centre, I was a Director and Strength Coach in Mississauga and was part owner of Moves fitness in Guelph. I worked with athletes from a variety of sports including, hockey, football, baseball, volleyball, lacrosse and many more. My proudest accomplishment as a Strength Coach is taking Nick Spaling to the NHL and Kurtis Gaskill to the Junior Nationals in Figure Skating.

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"I studied all over the world to learn from the best".

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Professional Certifications


  • Holistic Kinesiology – New Mexico
  • BioSignature Level 1
  • BioSignature Internship Level 2 – Arizona
  • BioSignature Level 3 – Rhode Island
  • Semi private internship – Short term Speed – Sweden
  • Muscle Strength Techniques – Los Angeles
  • Hypertrophy Boot Camp – Semi private internship – Rhode Island
  • Semi private internship – Body Composition – Rhode Island
  • Rehab Specialist – Vancouver
  • Personal Training Specialist – Can-Fit-Pro
  • Sport Strength Specialist – Vancouver
  • BOSU Integrated Training – Toronto
  • Sports Performance Specialist – Vancouver
  • Reebok Versa Training – Toronto
  • Reebok Spinning Certification – Toronto
  • P.I.C.P Strength Training Level 1 – Rhode Island
  • Resista Ball Certification – Toronto

Seminars/ Conferences Attended

  • The Future of Hockey
  • Can Fit Pro
  • Club Industry – Chicago
  • Club Industry - New York
  • CPTN

Worked with Athletes as a Strength Coach in Numerous Sports

  • Hockey
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Golf
  • Track
  • Figure Skating
  • Lacrosse
  • Boxing

Al Mursalin’s expertise and knowledge enable him to use a combination of BioSignature and Holistic methodologies to create a unique and individual Nutrition and Exercise plan for his clients.

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