Christina De Silva

I began my journey with NLC Fitness and Training Centre in May 2017 after countless visits to the doctor for nausea, dizziness and light headiness with no change. I would constantly be tired and have no energy. I would need to take frequent breaks during the day to rest and I felt nauseated throughout the day. For the past few months, along with these symptoms I was gaining weight although my diet was healthy. I decided it was time to see Al Mursalin as I was tired of feeling this way.

NLC-Fitness-Centre-Testimonials-Christina-before Results in a few weeks and I feel amazing!

Different programs

Al’s funny and kind personality shone through. He listened, encouraged and motivated me towards feeling good and achieving success with my goals. When I commenced the BioSignature Program I was 172 pounds, bloated and feeling sick. Al used the Fascial Abrasion Technique and set up a program that included various nutritional supplements. The best thing about it was that I could eat the things I loved while progressing with the program. The program was not strict and I was able to maintain my current lifestyle, while feeling good and achieving my goals. 

NLC-Fitness-Centre-Testimonials-Christina-after Results in a few weeks and I feel amazing!

Amazing results

Within weeks, I saw results!  I no longer had to take frequent naps and had energy throughout the day. I have lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks since beginning the program and I feel amazing!

Al and the team at NLC Fitness are God sent!

Christina De Silva