Annemieke Roeland

I was born and raised in the Netherlands and moved to Canada 4 months ago. In the Netherlands I was a semi-professional runner until 2015. During my years as a runner I had developed different injuries which led to a serious groin injury.

NLC-Fitness-Centre-Testimonials-Annemieke Very much personalized & amazing results

I met the right person at the right moment

Due to overwhelming pain, I have not been able to run for almost a year now. I went to several specialists and doctors to get a diagnosis and after several (expensive) tests they told me "Rest and it will recover", "keep in mind that it can take up to a year or more to recover". After resting for 8 months, there was no change in the pain I was feeling. I felt like I had to start dealing with the fact that it was something permanent and that I may never run again. Then I met the right person at the right moment and got referred to the NLC Fitness and Training Center in Guelph.

From my first appointment...

From the moment I walked in the NLC Fitness and Training Center I immediately felt at home. Al Mursalin is very personable and unique. He takes the time to hear your story with a professional approach. He was able to recognize the imbalances in my body immediately, where in the past it took very expensive machines or tests to find them. His approach of looking at all the systems in the body is great. He doesn’t just look at the pain or the symptoms. He really focuses on finding and analyzing the cause of the injury within the whole body. Once properly assessed, he offers a full plan for recovery; the protocol includes fitness, supplementation and nutrition advice. The great thing about the plan is that every part of it is very much personalized.

Amazing results

The results were amazing! After 3 weeks I felt stronger, I had gained weight and there was more shape to my body. I feel my body is now properly balanced and I am ready for the next step: fighting the injury. He told me it would just take a couple of weeks to recover, which sounds amazing to me. I just finish up my structural balance program and we are currently working with the inflammation through supplementation and body work. This step is for 2 weeks before i will get re-assess to see where we go next. Al is always open for questions and has a great amount of knowledge. His passion to recover people is truly amazing. I fully trust him with my health and believe my recovery will be quick. If he makes me running again, with no pain, it will be one of the best thing that ever happened to me.

NLC-Fitness-Centre-Guelph-Workout-7 Very much personalized & amazing results