Felicia Victoria

Two and a half years ago I developed a face rash, which never fully went away and quickly progressed into getting much worse after each day would pass. I saw my family doctor regularly about it and three dermatologists as well who prescribed me with countless various types of medications ranging from different antibiotics, facial creams and gels and others.

After only getting dramatically worse, I then saw two different natural paths. While they did help me at first, and my face was beginning to clear up (although not fully), they conducted a “sensitivity” test which came back stating I was basically allergic to everything so I became quite malnutrition as quinoa and bell peppers appeared to be the only things that I could eat (seriously!).

NLC-Fitness-Centre-Testimonials-Felicia-3 He is truly a miracle worker

My face was a complete mess

After a year of that, I was as sick as I had ever been. Not only was my face a complete mess, but I felt absolutely horrible. I started having hip problems and had difficulty walking/getting in and out of my car, I started loosing my vision after having perfect vision my whole life, I had no energy and had difficulties sleeping. After feeling completely helpless, my father had suggested seeing Al as he had helped both him and my mother several years ago with vertigo and a shoulder problem and boy was I ever thankful I did.

I would see instant results

After my first appointment with Al, I knew that this was going to be the end of this horrible journey that I was on as his endless skill set allowed me to instantly put my full trust in him and his Holistic approach. He conducted a Holistic assessment that determined by imbalances, which were linked to environmental situations. I had to remove all of the environmental triggers that were bothering me (i.e., jewelry, cosmetics, laundry detergent, various foods, and many others). After the second apt, he realized what exactly all my imbalances were and then continued with the recommendation of supplements, nutrition and structural balance fitness programs to correct those imbalances (the fitness programs worked magic on me- they truly act and still do, as a form medicine. I would see instant results after completing my fitness programs).

NLC-Fitness-Centre-Testimonials-Felicia-TN He is truly a miracle worker
NLC-Fitness-Centre-Testimonials-Felicia-3b He is truly a miracle worker

Just after two weeks of removing and implementing supplementation and through the use of the fitness program, I saw significant results. During my visits, the nutrition plan was given using food that benefited my body, which balanced my nutrition deficiency; he also used therapy such as body work to correct tissue imbalances.

There are no words that can describe just how thankful I am for all that Al has and currently still does for me. He is truly is a miracle worker!